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The first week of November begins in Melbourne with the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The Australian Open tennis tournament, the first Grand Slam of the year, makes for an electrifying start to Melbourne's sporting calendar.

A big celebration celebrating food, wine, sport and art is an introduction to the best of Melbourne. Held in unique locations and pop-ups across the city, designed by internationally renowned chefs, the festival nurtures and supports the people and places that make Melbourne a gastronomic playground.

The Meetup Group will list open social clubs and events you can list on its website and organise a fantastic range of Melbourne events and activities. For more social events in Melbourne, visit, where you can access a wide range of events with members ranging from business meetings, social gatherings, dinners, parties and more. You can find all of these and other events on our website, as well as a list of other social groups.

We have a wide range of Meetup Group events to organise, sponsored by the Melbourne Social Club, as well as other social clubs and events. We will give you more information on how to participate in these and other fantastic events and activities in the city centres and places, and offer you great benefits for the city.

A year-round calendar ensures you always have something to cheer about, and Qantas makes it easy to get to all of Melbourne's major events, events and activities in time. During the season we can take you through the whole city, where life and fun are filled. Apart from the interesting and diverse architecture in Melbourne, think of all the major museums and art exhibitions that exist, from art galleries to art museums, galleries and design and architecture galleries.

One of the most notable sporting events that takes place in Melbourne each year is the Melbourne Cup race, the largest one-day sporting event in the world, with Albert Park racetrack. The race has been held every year since 1877 on Cup Day, a public holiday in Melbourne, and up to 150,000 people flock to the track and the hills behind it. Since 1985, this race has been one of Australia's most successful and popular racing events, taking place on the same day as the Commonwealth Games and other major events in Australia.

The Boxing Day Test is one of Melbourne's most popular sporting events, with more than 200,000 people attending Australia v New Zealand, including a record 1.5 million at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This was the largest attendance for a one-day cricket match in the world and the highest attendance for a one-day match in Australia, while in 2014 there was a record attendance for the final of the Women's World Cup of 20, when over 86,000 people visited the Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch Australia play India in the final.

Enjoy your spritzer while you're at it, and admire the breathtaking and iconic views of Melbourne that can only be enjoyed from Bayside.

So if you're in Melbourne for Christmas, put on your zinc hat and take part in the annual Christmas Test. It is taking place in Brisbane, Queensland, where crowds are allowed at sporting venues and where Melbourne's AFL club has been based in recent weeks. Join over 100,000 cricket fans as footy fever reigns and sporting events have become an Australian institution. The Melbourne Cricket Club's annual Christmas game is unique and you can be at the MCG for the first time in over 50 years.

Sport is an important part of Melbourne's social fabric and nowhere is there more to celebrate than in Melbourne every year. Australian Rules Football is our nation's national sport and the Australian Football League (AFL) has taken on something of a religious aspect here. Located 95 minutes from Melbourne, this festival is the perfect place for Australians everywhere to drop by and cheer on their favourite football team. There is even a petting zoo And if you grew up at home with an emphasis on Australian acts, you can behave like an Aussie at the Melbourne Cricket Club's annual Christmas concert.

The Australia Day parade is the perfect event to come together and celebrate the diverse communities we live in. The highlight is Lexus Melbourne Cup Day, known as the race that stops the nation, but apart from the horses, the event is all about fun, entertainment, food, music and of course racing. Stakes Day is weighted with group-style festivities - one race and the highlight of the day is known for its spectacular fireworks and races - that stop across the country.

The Melbourne Social Club is also known as Fun, Food and Friendship, which has won a number of awards for its social events, including the best social event of 2014. Social events such as Meetup Group have been added to the list of sponsored groups to encourage more active social networking in Melbourne.

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