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Melbourne has an amazing art scene, but choosing the top ten free museums in Melbourne is not easy. Whether you're exploring topics from sports history to the development of the film to Victoria's police force, there's something interesting to discover in all of Melbourne's fantastic museums.

To help you, we've picked out the best free museums in Melbourne to visit over the weekend. The Melbourne Museum is the largest museum in the southern hemisphere and it is easy to spend half a day here. Founded in 2001, the museum is dedicated to everything Melbourne and Victoria have to offer, from sporting monuments to the history of the city and its history, to art, architecture and culture.

The museum offers a glimpse into the history of Melbourne and Victoria and is currently hosting an exhibition that highlights the lives of ten women who lived in Victoria between 1894 and 1904 and how they survived a difficult period in Australian history. If you want to learn more about the people who shaped Melbourne, visit the Melbourne Story exhibition, which takes you through the city's history, starting with the early 19th century. The focus is on nature and culture, but the museum also houses exhibitions on art, architecture, history and architecture.

The Hellenic Museum in Melbourne houses artifacts dating back to the ancient Greeks, Greeks and Romans, as well as artifacts from the Benaki Museum in Athens, which covers Greece's 8,000-year history. The museum also has an exhibition of fire extinguishers from Victoria, Australia and overseas. The Immigration Museum, founded in 1998, is located in the Old Customs House and presents an exhibition on Australia's immigration history and explores the stories of people from all over the world who have emigrated to Australia.

This museum is one of Darwin's top attractions and houses some of the most famous sculptures, paintings, sculptures and other works of art in the world. Have you ever been surprised that there are so many that allow you to do a variety of artistic activities in free museums in Melbourne? You don't even have to pay to see some truly famous international masterpieces in the city, as the best free museum in Victoria can offer you a whole new world of art. If you can't enter a museum in Melbourne for any price without spending a dollar, you should think about setting a budget for it.

The Victorian capital is full of fantastic museums that are worth a visit, whether you want to learn something new, entertain your children or look for a perfect escape from the rainy weather. Melbourne has a wide range of museums that educate and entertain the whole family.

We have a list of the best free museums, from the National Gallery of Victoria, which is undergoing a multi-million dollar refurbishment and includes the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, to the Melbourne Museum of Contemporary Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum, both under construction. The National Gallery of Victoria houses the largest collection of contemporary art in Australia and is one of Australia's most popular museums.

V is one of Australia's best independent museums for the second year running, attracting over 2 million visitors each year and supported by more than 600 staff and 500 volunteers. After introducing a reservation system in 2013, the Melbourne museum and its customers have seen a huge improvement in the parking experience. ADVAM's AltitudeReservation platform allows our customers to pre-book their parking spaces and offers a wide range of options, including discounted rates, free parking and free access to the museum car park.

The Australian Music Vault is definitely worth a visit as it has an extensive collection of music - related artifacts and artworks. Here are some of the best and most important museums in Melbourne that have a good experience in Melbourne. This is partly due to the proximity to conferences in the USA, but also to the extensive collections of the museum of art, music and culture.

The currency museum is also headquartered at 65 Martin Place in Sydney, and also has a branch in Melbourne's CBD and another in Melbourne city centre, as well as a second location in Victoria.

The perfect destination for film fans at ACMI is the Melbourne Museum of Contemporary Film and Television, at 6-7 George Street, Melbourne. In addition to the Victoria Museum, there is also a 3D film screening room where you can see the latest films at a special price.

The National Sports Museum, located at the MCG in Melbourne, has a huge collection of sporting memorabilia, including medals and badges. Located near the MCG, it offers visitors the opportunity to discover the history of football, rugby league, cricket and other sports in Australia. Her other collections include the Grainger Museum, a biographical museum, and the Melbourne Museum of Contemporary Art.

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