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Melbourne may be the second largest city in Australia, but just outside the city you will find incredible natural attractions where you can admire a wide range of wildlife and nature. Melbourne is a must for travellers who travel to Australia because it is one of the most liveable cities in the world.

St Kilda also has some of Melbourne's most beautiful sunsets, so make sure you hang around long enough to enjoy one. After a long drive, it's a wonderful time to return to Melbourne at sunset to watch the hundreds of kangaroos grazing here. Another trip not to be missed is Phillip Island to see the penguin colonies that live in their natural habitat.

Grampians National Park is also popular for day trips to Melbourne, as it offers great views of the city and some of Victoria's most beautiful landscapes. Melbourne is also a good place to experience other attractions in Victoria, most of which can be reached on a day trip. Another way to get to Melbourne is to arrive at Melbourne Airport and take the sightseeing bus, which passes through 27 sites around the city, including St Kilda. If you need to get out of the city, you can catch the SkyBus to Melbourne International Airport and get to all major attractions free of charge.

If you have a little more time in Melbourne, take the opportunity to take part in a multi-day Melbourne tour to explore the best that Victoria has to offer. You can also jump on one of the tours to Sydney, Adelaide or Canberra if you're ready to head to your next destination.

Suffice to say, if you've never been to Melbourne, it certainly deserves a place in your travel plans for Australia. You will be travelling far outside of Melbourne's city limits on your trip, but it's worth it - there are many great restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants in Melbourne. Melbourne also has a number of good things to do in and around Melbourne, which are scattered around the country. In Melbourne, the CBD is also one of the most ideal places for tourists as it is a great place to shop, eat, shop and entertain due to its historic core.

If you are looking for ideas for a trip to Australia, read this post for a 5-week tour of Australia.

Head to the Grampians for off-the-beaten-track day trips through the country's most popular tourist destinations. Visit South Melbourne Market in South Victoria and the Port of Melbourne to see some of the attractions around Port Melbourne.

There are many beautiful beaches and conditions are also the best for sightseeing in March. There are many beaches in the city, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and there are a number of other popular tourist attractions in and around the CBD.

Melbourne can be an expensive city, so it's best to make the most of the free activities on offer. Almost every post on this page contains affiliate links, and our Melbourne travel guide is no different. The best destinations for Melbourne, Melbourne Australia and the Melbourne region.

Before you travel to Australia, we've put together 17 things you need to know before you head to Australia. A comprehensive 22-day tour that takes you to many of Australia's best sights and experiences, including a range of flights, hotels, restaurants, shopping and even a fly in Melbourne.

What you should not love about Melbourne for an Australian tour, but at Goway we believe that a visit to the Great Ocean Road must be included on the itinerary when visiting Australia. Many overseas visitors don't make it to Melbourne and instead prefer to spend their time at one of Australia's stunning harbours, surf beaches and beaches. GreatOcean Road is Victoria's most famous destination and many people want to visit it as part of their stay in Melbourne. If your journey from Melbourne has time, it's a must, and for good reason.

Northern Australia and the Darwin area are a good idea as the roads are often impassable and there is also a rainy season, so it is probably best visited during the warmer months. However, most travellers feel more comfortable in New South Wales, including Victoria, which includes some of Australia's most beautiful beaches, such as Port Moresby, Port Arthur and Port Hedland, while Victoria includes many of the country's most scenic beaches, such as the Great Ocean Road.

To get from Ballarat to Melbourne, the easiest option is the ride, which takes about an hour and a half from the CBD, but forget it. From Sydney, the fastest route to Melbourne is via the Hume Highway, which takes 10 hours to drive without stopping.

If you take the scenic ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff, you can make a loop back to Melbourne in about an hour and a half. From Melbourne, drive back through Geelong and then take the Hume Highway into the city centre for a short stop in the CBD.

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